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YouTube Partner Reporting

comScore and YouTube are excited to announce a new feature that highlights the dedicated audiences garnered by YouTube content partners, independent and professional, bedroom and broadcast.

How it Works

Individual audiences for partners and their channels, (such as CBS, Machinima, Philip DeFranco and hundreds of others) will now be displayed as their own entities underneath the YouTube parent entity in comScore's Video Metrix measurement service.

Benefits of YouTube Partner Reporting

With 3rd party measurement, YouTube partners can better monetize their content by having their audiences represented to the agencies and brands that actively use Video Metrix data. 

In parallel, the industry can now quantify the number of unique viewers belonging to different YouTube channels, as well as the demographics of those viewers.  comScore Video Metrix enables stakeholders to:

Quantify the number of unique viewers belonging to different YouTube channels

Understand the age, gender, household income, household size, race, geographical region, and many other demographic and attitudinal characteristics of YouTube partners’ audiences

Answer questions around the number of video views, engagement rates, and average time spent watching each video

Determine the GRPs and reach of YouTube partners across the total population, creating an apples to apples comparison with billboard, print, and TV ad inventory

Monitor month-over-month trending of YouTube partners’ channels’ data, to preemptively discover YouTube’s rising stars

Analyze the different dayparts that audiences tend to tune in during, whether it be the weekend early morning or weekday primetime (currently available for U.S. market only)

Administer custom ad effectiveness studies that reveal the demonstrable value YouTube viewers have for the brands they represent

Interactively create and optimize complex campaign plans across multiple different media entities, (now including YouTube partners) that reach the exact target audience desired, with the frequency necessary for success

Additional Information

How YouTube Partners Can Customize their Reporting

Methodology and Privacy

YouTube Reporting FAQs

“Accurate traffic reporting and attribution has been long requested by our YouTube partners. comScore's latest methodology is a great step towards showing advertisers the true value of YouTube Partner content.”

– Baljeet Singh, Senior Product Manager, YouTube

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